The St. Louis Techies Project aims to share the stories of people in tech in the St. Louis area. 
Creator Neem Serra shares her inspiration:

Our tech scene is unique in so many ways — we treasure our work life balance while also being inspired to create and innovate technology to focus on helping transform people’s lives.  We deeply care about the people on our team, and we want to change our community to be inclusive of everyone.   We have the freedom to be passionate at work while we root for the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, eat too much toasted ravioli, and plan trips to the City Museum, the Arch, and everything in Forest Park.

When I saw the Techies Project out of Silicon Valley, I knew that I had to bring it to St. Louis.  It’s so important for all of us to share our journey into tech because they inspire me to keep doing what I love.  When I’m feeling like I don’t belong or that I’m not good enough, I turn to those who have supported me in my community, and they revitalize me with their stories of overcoming challenges while being true to themselves.

I aimed to get at least twenty women to share their story before International Women’s Day 2017.  While I was encouraging women to share their stories, so many of them responded saying that they didn’t feel like they were technical enough or interesting enough — it was shocking to me because I felt like their stories were the ones that were most important.  We keep creating these grandiose visions of those who are successful in tech — they’re always confident, smart, funny, fashionable, and somehow are early birds that never binge watch TV or have cheat days.  They took apart computers when they were five years old, they made their first website at the age of ten, and they aced every single math test, even the pop quizzes.  I’m intimidated by that myth all the time.

Sharing our stories showed me what normal is — we all came to tech because we wanted to create something to change the world.  We got excited by solving problems.  We are constantly learning and improving ourselves.  We overcome challenges with the support of our families and friends.  We are real people who didn’t always know where we would land as adults but had determination to be our best selves.  I think the St. Louis tech scene is magical.

You can read Neem’s story here.


Special thank you to Natasha Matthews for creating the St. Louis Techies logo.

You can read Natasha’s story here.